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Tennis Physicals: All participants must have a physical each year in Oklahoma to participate in school sports.

Equipment: We have tennis balls and rackets. The rackets are only loaners that the kids may use until they can purchase their own. We do not have enough rackets for everyone, so please get one as soon as you can.

February: The month of practice. Before each week of tennis, Coach Stovall will look at the calendar, check weather forecast and notify interested parties his practice intentions. Somedays they may practice during athletic periods only. They may have one or two groups to practice after school.

Out of town practices: Elk City: 41 miles away, Elk City has 12 courts and they have graciously agreed to let us use one of their sites from time to time. OKC: They make take 1 or 2 trips to OKC in February.

March-April is tournament play. We try to schedule one tournament a week for the high school grades (9-12) and the grades 5-8 team. At this point in the season, tournaments are the best practice the kids can get. Tournaments usually involve 3 matches per player in a day. 

If you have any questions regarding Tennis you can reach Jesse Stovall @ 580-481-4190